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Welcome to the Lev8 Website

Posted Sep 20th, 2017

Welcome to the Lev8 Website

We are excited to launch our all-new mobile-friendly website to better showcase our services. 

Initially, we have covered all the basics, however we are currently working on the portfolio page to truly showcase our aerial video and photography services.  

Lev8 Low Level Aerial Photography was one of the first in Ontario to offer aerial photography and video utilizing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), more commonly referred to as a drone. 

Funny, that in the early years of operation most people didn't know what to call it. We actually referred to it as a quadcopter and were quick to correct anyone who referred to it as a drone. How times change so quickly. 

Being one of the first, we were instrumental in working with the Ministry of Transportation and the insurance industry for guidelines and requirements for commercial operations of these aircrafts. We remember struggling to get insurance to operate as a business with a drone - no one had a policy that covered such a thing. Today, there are only a few brokers that do offer it, but it is becoming more readily available as more and more businesses offer this service. We caution to always ensure the company you hire for drone services is fully insured.  We will build on the rules and regulations in this website in the near future to help educate you when considering utilizing aerial photography or video for your business or event. 

Since March of 2013, we have enjoyed the people and places we have been to get such great footage from above using our drones. We have had the privilege of taking part in pretty unique events and visiting remote areas to capture the photos requested. We are looking forward to many more years to come in the industry and can just imagine the possibilities as technology progresses even further. 

So enjoy the website and check back often as we will be adding to it constantly.  

Below is one of the unique events we attended as the official photographer for Connecting Niagara at the Grand Opening of WildPlay's Mist Rider Zipline in Niagara Falls last year. While we didn't use the drone, we did have cameras strapped on for unique coverage of the ride. It was quite a thrill. 

Enjoy and come back soon! 

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