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Corporate Events & Fundraisers

Nothing tells a story better than aerial footage of your outdoor event, coupled with still photography and in some cases time-lapse photography. Elevate Your Moments. 

Friday the 13th send off at GiantFM Welland

From above video and photography offers a unique perspective on your outdoor events. The drones capture all that is happening in an unobtrusive manner with little noise and no disruption to the event taking place. 

Think about it... 

How many photos do you have of an event where the photo is perfect except for the unidentified photographer captured along with focal point of the photo?  

With our quadcopters this does not happen. 

Thought and planning goes into each and every assignment we participate in. We meet with you to determine the use of the final video production, the essence of the event and what you want captured. We discuss if you are looking for strictly aerial footage from the drone, or stills and possibly time-lapse. 

After the event, we assemble the video and images into a video, even adding voice overs and live interviews if so desired. We make the perfect video production to showcase your event. Perfect for promotion in future years to exposure and possibly sponsors for festivals, events and fundraisers. Festivals, concerts, marathons, golf tournaments, bike tours, even equestrian events are possible with our aerial photography services. 

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